Building Defects

Does your building have non-compliant cladding on it? Is your life at risk?

What does combustible cladding mean?

Cladding is the outer skin of a building. It is used toprovide thermal insulation and weather resistance, and to improve the appearance of buildings.

There are 3 types of combustible cladding aluminum:

  • composite panels (ACPs) Expanded polystyrene
  • (EPS)
  • and Biowood

These types of cladding materials must be assessedfor safety and compliance.

Melbourne’s Lacrosse apartment fire 2014.
Lacrosse suffered a serious cladding fire on November 242014, started by a single cigarette on a balcony.

Who is National Remedial Services?

Joint Venture organisation established between Sydney based business advisory firm BRI Ferrier and Melbourne based manufacturing and business consulting group Promentor. Both BRI Ferrier and Promentor have over 35 years experience.

in the consulting, construction, legal andfinance sectors and have established reputations for business exellence. NRS specialise in rectification works, such as buildings that have combustible cladding.

NRS offer end to end solutions for combustible cladding projects.We offer project management and economic solutions to building management that facilitates quality, cost effective rectification outcomes along with appropriate funding options.

Our approach ensures the transition from non-compliance to rectification and re- certification is a process driven journey and not a painful trek.

Our services include:

  • Project management control.
  • Supply of ICA Approved testing and fire engineering services.
  • Engagement of first class registered national building contractors to rectify works.
  • Sourcing of Strata Management/Body Corporate funding, specifically designed for Strata -Managers. Loan durations between 15-25 years with the ability to competitive interest rates (depending on project assessment). Funding capability for minor rectification upgrades right through to full reclad projects and building defects.
  • Final building re-certification activities with council building surveyors.
  • Provide packaged Project Management Services to the market

Additional Services

(General Building Defects)

National Remedial Services can also offer either INTEGRATED or STAND-ALONE Project Management Services for Non-Cladding Building defect works for the CSV program

The Value this will bring to the CSV Program:

  • Avoid delays and resolve issues by engaging a dedicated Project Manager to manage non-cladding defect remediation, which could include:

    • Leaking balcony’s
    • Water proofing membranes
    • Structural cracking
    • Non-compliant fire service systems Façade defects
    • Wood rot due to water proofing issues
  • Manage and co-ordinate the defect rectification with the appointed builder either on the CSR or RCRR or
  • Procured separately via a specialist contractor.
  • Work seamlessly in parallel with any cladding works being done.
  • Engineered and certified rectification methodology.
  • Independent Management of the defect rectification in collaboration with the project team.
  • Cost control and budget establishment to ensure up front, value for money solutions for client.
  • Facilitation of strata loans for work that won’t be covered by the CSV grants.

More on Funding

National Remedial Services has working relationships with Australia’s largest Strata Loan providers, who verse in funding to owner’s corporations and committees. This can elevate the frustration from obtaining loans for additional building works.
One option, which has unique features is called a hybrid loan.
  • Hybrid Loan:

    • Hybrid loans allow the flexibility to contribute owner’s own funds as a percentage of the loan instead of taking a whole loan up and variable repayment options.
  • The value the to facilitate loans for CSVs Program:

    • Takes the stress and frustration out of owner’s who cannot afford the buildings works.
    • Can cover costs of additional building defects discovered during cladding works.
    • Allows a packaged offering for owner corporations and enables projects to run more efficiently and in coordination of the projects